If Mai is still in Vietnam, she might have been an Architect by now. However, her career route changed in 1999 when Mai received the Ausaid scholarship to study Civil Engineering in Australia. She left her one year Architectural study at Hanoi Architectural University behind to come to Sydney with a whole brand new experience. Graduated in 2002 with First Class Honors Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at University of New South Wales, Mai had been offered another scholarship to continue on a PhD degree in Structural Engineering. However, Mai decided to take on an opportunity to come to the UK to pursue the Master degree in Construction and Business Management. London is where she ended up working as a Construction Planner until now. Click on An Engineer to understand more about Mai as a professional.

Alongside with her career in construction, Mai has a special interest in Music and Art. She had completed a few part time courses in Vocal Performance and had given a few public singing performances in London. During her spare times, she likes painting her favorite pictures for the people she love. Click on An Artist to read more.


Mai is also the Make Up Artist for GM Studio, leading professional photographer in London.

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